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Planet Earth III goes live

The last few years we have been privileged enough to work with The BBC Natural History Unit, quite regularly, on some great Wildlife series that have been focussed on Oman.

Our first expedition with The BBC NHU was a truly momentous one - shooting desert landscapes and habitat ecology in the Southern Empty Quarter "Rub Al Khali" for Planet Earth III.

In this industry its a special experience working on a show one that once upon a time, when you were but a twinkle in your TV and Film careers eye, you sat in front of the TV with family and had your mind expanded, by watching that same show.

The fact that Sir David Attenborough is narrating this third iteration of Planet Earth adds an extra layer of pride and privilege of having collaborated on a project that such a great servant to natural science and Wildlife conservation is presiding over.

I think the main thing that we will take away from working on this show, is the warm feeling you get from being a part of a show that stands to highlight how precious our earth is, how much it needs to be protected and conserved.

As a family this evening we are sitting down and watching the Deserts and Grasslands episode that we as brothers worked on the Oman stories for, and Mum and Dad are terribly proud and so are we.


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