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Filming permissions and equipment clearance

Through our family business (est 1950) we have excellent relations with customs authorities, police and Ministries. We can get your filming permits, in good time, no matter the size of your production.

Logistics, interpreters and drivers 

We provide solid logistical support, and make sure that our drivers put safety first on all journeys, ensuring that the crew are relaxed when they reach location. You won't find a fixer in the region who works more efficiently.

Crewing and Equipment rental

There is a relatively small pool of crew in Oman, but we work with the best of them and can help you with lower level assistants up to head of department designations. We can also source equipment at a reasonable price.

Commercially licenced drone pilot and Sound recordist

One of our crew, Jassim Jaffer, is based in London where he works at the highest level as a sound recordist and drone operator. We have great connections here in the relevant government bodies and can arrange drone permissions and operation.


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